People keep telling me that, but I think she looks more like Eugene. 

That’s because you’re around her too much.

{Seven held out his hands for the girl, hoping Natasha might let him hold her}

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  For some reason, Barbara wasn’t surprised with Seven showed up in her living room. Instead, she swung her body lazily around, one leg crossing over another as she regards him from her spot in her chair. A brow quirks, as if to question him on his own, but she doesn’t find she cares terribly much as to why he spent so much energy getting into the locked home in the first place. He’s only been back a few days, but it comes to her attention just how much she enjoyed his company in previous— however brief it might have been. Her mouth moves then, in the same manner of her eyebrow, saying the exact same things, a smirk curling there for the duration of the moment. 

 ”And why are you so desperate to see me so late at night?”

Seven’s smile grew, an edge of mischief to it, even as his thoughts spun, trying to come up with an answer that didn’t make him sound desperate, or creepy. Standing to his full height, seeming almost to fill the room with his presence, he crossed the distance between them and started to look around her desk and things. Cataloging some, and forgetting others, as he spoke, “Can’t I just stop by and visit an old friend from time to time?”


I suppose.

Though a program about a talking skeleton might not be something I’d be interested in.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, at least a dozen times.

Then you’ll really know if you hate it, or not.


Natasha retreated to the bedroom to grab her daughter. Who was already ready for her mother to pick her up. She smiled and began to hum ‘Superstition’ (which reminded her of Stephen) and walked towards the living room. ] 

{After he’d finished ordering, he moved to the living room and flopped down on the couch. It was bouncier than he was expecting and ended up flopped over on his side when Natasha reappeared. Sending her a sheepish grin, it brightened considerably when he caught sight of what she was carrying, or rather who.}

She looks like you.



Has anyone ever told you that you are incredibly difficult to read?



That’s because it is, unfortunately.

I haven’t much time to keep up with…that sort of thing.

It’s about twenty years old, but no worries. I’m sure you can catch up…eventually.


Excuse me?

Y’know…creepy. Skeleton-y, lives in a coffin…Tells….ghost stories?

…Why do I feel like all of this is going right over your head.



Is that your way of requesting company?

Not at all.

Simply saving you from having to spend the foreseeable future alone.



  There is a slight sound that passes through the redhead’s lips, if you knew Barbara Gordon well enough, you might recognize it as her version of a sigh. The laptop in front of her blinks steadily onward, humming with the loyalty and exasperation of a well used machine. It’s become her only friend these days, the only one that doesn’t poke and pry in a way she doesn’t command it to. Fingers sweep diligently across the keys, ocean gaze trying to spot the subtle and obvious mistakes that Stephanie was making on the streets behind the computer screen. She was improving— that was good. But, her thoughts were interrupted by the creaking of the front entrance.

 ”I thought I locked that door.”

The address had been burning a hole in his pocket, memorized and filed away a long time ago, but yet it remained there. It hadn’t been hard to find, the city easier to maneuver when you’d memorized the map and surrounding areas. He was sure there were still parts he didn’t know, but he’d find them later, when he had the chance, or course.. Or hunting down Merlin. The door was locked when he reached it, but a quirk of his lips and a quick manipulation of the tumblers inside and he was in. The creak surprised him, enough to earn a chuckle and a raise of a brow as he looked further into the darkness.

"You did."